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Vending Equipment

When we receive an enquiry for vending, we listen to your requirements and come to understand your needs on an individual basis. Consumer specifications vary and therefore so do our solutions. Our experience shows that if someone wants it, it can be vended – examples include ear protectors, stationery and sports nutrition/equipment. In working with you we ensure the best equipment is selected and configured to suit. We offer a wide range of services to accompany our equipment range, including cashless card systems, note-readers, custom-branding and shop-fitting.

With coffee connoisseurs becoming evermore demanding in the UK marketplace it is important to be able to offer them what they want. Our floor-standing and tabletop machines can vend popular brands, freshbrew tea and coffee and bean-to-cup coffee.

We do offer simple yet intuitive systems that are easy to maintain and will vend pods, cassettes or filter coffee. We show here a selection of our current range with brief specifications. Please take a look and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in full.


This machine brings futuristic characteristics and qualities to today’s market. The stylish design and new glass door provides the highest quality look and feel. It also has illuminated back panels that can be uplifted further with customised branding to attract attention. When using the machine, consumers will be easily guided through a “build-adrink” process to vend a drink customised to their taste buds. There is also plenty of scope to tailor the machine by incorporating a retail coffee experience. For example, we offer a freshbrew model, a bean to cup model and a 12oz cup size! If all that isn’t enough, consider the green credentials it has to offer in using LED lighting and power saving programming.



User interface Interchangeable between numeric and build-a-drink
Capacity 600 cups (max)
Height 1830 mm
Width 700 mm
Depth 70- mm
Weight 193 kg


This futuristic looking tabletop machine combines a stunning design and proven, robust technology. This really is at the cutting edge of hot drink dispense systems. Finished in smoked glass, the angular design with chrome finish trim provides a contemporary feel. Equipped with an In-Touch user interface, users will find themselves drawn in to a look and feel that is that of many consumer electronic devices.

There are six models on offer in our range, including freshbrew and bean to cup. There is also a payment system available and a go large facility. To finish the spectacular design, attractive LED lighting can be set to a number of sequences when a vend is made.



User interface In-Touch
Height 690 mm
Width 320 mm
Depth 480 mm
Weight 32 kg


Drinks vending has never been so versatile! With its large ingredient and cup capacity the Genesis has been designed to provide delicious hot drinks around the clock. The machines offer a full range of instant, freshbrew and bean to cup drinks and provide the perfect solution for offices, conference facilities restaurants and cafeterias, anywhere is fact where a high quality beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently. It incorporates energy-saving mode, “own cup” sensors, a “build-a-drink” interface and sure-vend technology to mention just some of the features it has to offer.

A bean to cup model is also available, but all models vend freshbrew tea as standard. If you require a tabletop machine that drops cups and/or is ready to take coins then this machine is for you!


User interface Build-a-drink
Capacity 230 cups
Height 756mm (860mm for bean to cup)
Width 544mm
Depth 597mm
Weight 70kg

Kenco Singles Brewer

Renowned and trusted, the Kenco Singles table top system now brings even greater benefits to your office, meeting and reception spaces. The new generation brewer adds even greater value:

• a smaller footprint to save on space
• a sleek and contemporary new look
• plus the delicious range of well known quality hot beverage brands; soon to include Cadbury Hot Chocolate!

The range now includes a two step drink, creating a coffee-shop style cappuccino! We are offering a free demo on this machine so you can taste and see for yourself that this system offers the top level of quality, reliability and versatility. Click here for details.


Height 480mm
Width 265mm
Depth 455mm
Weight 15kg
Kenco Singles Brewer

Rhea Cino XS

A coffee machine brought to you from the Italian market, so who could produce a better tasting drink? This machine offers a huge range of coffee and chocolate specialities, such as latte, cappuccino, espresso, café mocha etc. The benefits you will enjoy include the compact and flawless design, the ease of use and maintenance, and the choice of handfill or plumbable units. We provide free training if you choose to operate this machine yourself. A payment system is also available.

User interface Direct Selection
Drink Selections 8
Height 520mm
Width 380mm
Depth 440mm
Weight 26-34Kg

The K Range

The K Range responds perfectly to all the market demands. The range is made up of three machines of varying sizes to allow a better fit in the many varying environments: The Kobalto, Korinto and Koro; all of which are compact, easy to use and extraordinarily versatile.

The K Range has it all! These hot beverage dispensers are manufactured with the highest quality components and sturdy materials that allow them to support heavy workloads. The refined design and particularly user friendly interface make them ideal for any environment, such as hotels, B&Bs, club houses, restaurants, etc. They incorporate advanced technology that ensures exceptional performance, excellent drink quality and ease of operation.

The cleaning and maintenance system is simplicity itself. The optimisation of the mixer's parts, the suction of dust through a small built-in drawer, and the dust conveyor makes the cleaning operation quick and simple. Moreover, the mixers and brewing units are easy to remove by using the green coloured release system.



Filter Coffee and In-Cup Systems

If you feel that our vending systems are not the answer to your requirements then you may feel one of these offer a better solution. Our range includes various sized filter coffee systems to provide several blends to choose from, including fair trade. The In-Cup systems (pre-packed vending disposable cups i.e. just add water!) can be served in machines ready to take coins or simply a dispenser with a water reservoir. Please call or email for details.



The Merchant

The Merchant is available in two different sizes and as a snack, bottle or combination machine. It has excellent merchandising ability with it's increased "shop window" area plus improved L.E.D. lighting. The energy consumption is the best around with an EVA EMP rating of A++. The intuitive 1, 2, 3 large keypad is extremely user friendly and attractive. The Sure Vend function is included with this machine for complete customer satisfaction. What's more, with features such as winner mode, meal deals and uploading images to the machines we can add an extra layer of fun to the vending experience.


User interface Numeric Selections
Number of trays 5 (our set up for you)
Number of selections 28
Height 1830 mm
Width 960 mm
Depth 830 mm
Weight 510 lbs




The Merchant Media

The Merchant Media has everything that the Merchant Classic does, but has a lot more to offer on top of this. It is designed to attract the consumer to the machine and inspire confidence. The new customer interface area has been styled in a high gloss, durable finish with LED surround lighting. The touch screen display can be used for advertising, promotions and pulling up nutritional information for our products. The customer also has the ability to add to a shopping basket and make a final purchase. With note readers and card payment facilities now a part of our range, this maximises sale potential and offers more convenience to the user.


User interface Numeric Selections
Number of trays 5 (our set up for you)
Number of selections 28
Height 1830 mm
Width 960 mm
Depth 830 mm
Weight 510 lbs

BevMax 4

The BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably delivers it to the consumer every time. It is the market leader in product selection to delivery time and with a 45 product offering the customer is spoilt for choice! The BevMax 4 comes equipped with many "fail safe" features to ensure there is no disruption to the service it has to offer. The BevMax 4 is one of the most energy efficient vending machines in the market-place today. It exceeds the Tier 2 Energy Star requirements by over 30% and has achieved an EVA EMP rating of A++!

BevMax 4


User interface Numeric Selections
Number of trays 5
Number of selections 45
Capacity 405 bottles
Height 1830 mm
Width 1181 mm
Depth 813 mm
Weight 333 kg


"Crown cup have been absolutely superb and have transformed the vending
experience for all of the staff at my sites. Nothing is too much trouble and the service
received is second to none"

Martin Holland
(Phones 4u Head Office Facilities Manager)
"Crown Cup have completely restored my faith in vending"
Justin Schofield
(Senior Warehouse Manager, Avnet Logistics)
"In a nutshell, I cannot praise the service from Crown Cup highly enough."
Andy Taylor
(Operations Manager, 20/20 Mobile Group)
"“I was extremely pleased with the installation and how smoothly it ran. The machines
were installed in a professional manner and continue to be serviced to the highest

Tony Herod
(Managing Director, Fenn Graphics)
"Our sales and revenue have increased significantly since we changed to Crown Cup
and we now get a daily service with prompt backup"

Martin Bostock
(Facilities and Estates Manager, Newcastle-under-Lyme College)
"Crown Cup have always been committed to delivering excellent customer service
coupled with very competitive pricing and quality…This you can’t always achieve by
using national companies.”

Mac Parker
(Support Services Manager, Spire Regency Hospital, Macclesfield)
"Some visits are made within 30 minutes of callout.”
Paul Bailey
(Operations Manager, BFM Europe)
“There has never been any pressure from your company, unlike other companies I
contacted. I award you 10 out of 10 and would certainly recommend your company
to others.”
Liz Gumbley
(SAMS Co-ordinator)
“To say the last time we called a service call in to them was around 12 weeks ago,
it certainly makes a pleasant change from the service we were receiving from our
previous vending supplier. They come highly recommended.
Helen Mansell
(Personnel Assistant, Albis (UK))
"The team at Alsager Leisure Centre are impressed with the machines and the
installation you have arranged for us. I don’t think we have had any issue with any of
the machines – certainly a nice change."
Graham Middleton
(Centre Manager, Alsager Leisure Centre)
“Crown Cup did everything right from start to finish. The whole process from
matching my specification to installing the machine ran perfectly.”
Ryan Mifflin
(Director, Castle Tyres)
"I recommend Crown Cup not only for their water coolers, but for the excellent
service that they provide."
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor (Darts World Cup Champion)

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We have built our business on the strength of our service, but why not ask our customers: "Crown Cup have always been committed to delivering excellent customer service coupled with very competitive pricing and quality." - Mac Parker, Support Services Manager (Spire Regency Hospital, Macclesfield)


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The latest innovation added to Crown Cup's expanding range is the Tassimo Professional - a new system that provides you with the ability to create a coffee shop
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